Why your bra strap is easy to slide off your shoulders and how to find replacement bra straps

Why your bra strap is easy to slide off your shoulders and how to find replacement bra straps

1.What is bra strap

The bra strap is one of the most important parts of a bra, is the part that runs around the rib cage of the wearer. The cups are attached to the front of the bra band, the straps to the back, and in the center of the bra band is where the hook and eye closures are typically located (either the front or the back).

 bra strap


2.Why do you need bra strap

Bra straps play a role of an stabilizer for the bra. They are helpful in positioning, lift, and keep the cups in place instead of fall down.


3.Why your bra strap is easy to slide off your shoulders

This could be for a number of reasons. The first is that your bra straps are too loose. As it rides up your back, the straps become loose and slip off the shoulders. The solution to this is not to shorten the straps but to get a proper bra fitting. Once the strap is correct, it will no longer fall down from your back. Another reason is that the straps are too loose. Adjust them to fit your body better. This often happens to our shorter and petite customers. The last reason is because of narrow and/or sloping shoulders. In this situation, you can look for a bra strap holder that will keep your bra straps from falling off your shoulders.

A proper bra will help you find the optimal style for your body. Your breasts will thank you!



4.How can we find replacement bra straps?

There are so many bra straps for your choice, such as transparent bra strap, translucent silica gel bra strap, metal bra strap, lace bra straps, rhinestone bra straps, flower bra straps, fruit bra straps, thin bra straps, wide bra straps, cotton bra straps, polyester bra straps.

All of those can be easily found on MolyStory.com


5.Why do we need Moly Story bra straps

It used to be that underwear was designed to be hidden and merely functional, now the style is a marketable discriminator for all kinds of lingerie, not just expensive nightgowns, and underwear is designed to be seen.

So, the same as bra, we no need to hide our bra straps anymore.

Maybe you have a strapless top or one-shoulder dress, you can give something to them and then it's like a little statement piece of its own instead of just a regular bra strap after adding a flower lace bra straps, it’s not only a top or dress, it becomes a special friend of you, a unique one, the same to you. they can’t be copied, you gave the dress a little design.



6.Don’t hide your bra straps

if you wanted to go to work, go shopping, or go to a social event in a strappy top but didn't want people to notice your bra straps, wanted to wear a party dress for an evening out but didn't have the underwear to match covering your bra straps,

so you either show your straps or end up compromising your look to save your blushes to solve the double strap problem what you need is a range of clothes that enables you to wear your normal bra.

If you have Moly Story bra straps, now you don’t need to hide your chic lace bra straps, it's time to show them off, from summer tops to little black dresses, it doesn't matter whether you are a dress size 2 or 14 as long as you wear a normal bra,our straps will work for you.

Choose our removable lace bra straps, not only adore your looking, but also show your colorful shoulder in summer.

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